Physician accredited by the General Medical Council – GMC 7449863.

Dr. Paola Moritz Krueger is a doctor from Santa Catarina, who graduated in Medicine from the Federal University of Santa Catarina, with a specialization in Aesthetic Medicine from the Harley Academy in London, and advanced facial filling techniques with Dr. André Braz, international reference in facial filling and application of botulinum toxin.

She is accredited by the General Medical Council – GMC, associated with the British Medical Association, a member of the ACE GROUP (Aesthetic Complication Group), the IMCAS Academy (International Master Course on Aging Science) and the AMS (Aesthetic Multispecialty Society).

She worked as a doctor at NHS England for 5 years, and in pre-hospital urgent and emergency services in Brazil.

(*) Only treats patients over 16 years old.
(*) Speaks Portuguese and English.