About us

Messina Clinic

The Messina Clinic is a private medical centre, with Brazilian and Hispanic doctors, located in central London, and aims to promote the well-being and total rehabilitation of patients seeking personalized clinical care. Our employees are trained professionals, follow strict protocols and attest to their commitment to patient care,

making Messina Clinic an international reference in serving the public in general. We are regularly inspected by governmental agencies, which attest and certify our excellence and responsibility in service.

CQC Certified Clinic

Care Quality Commission

The Messina Clinic is regulated by the Care Quality Commission – CQC.



With a high-quality physical structure and the latest equipment, Messina Clinic was designed to meet the needs of patients.

Our partners, such as laboratories, scan and MRI clinics are equally qualified to maintain the quality of medical and surgical procedures.



The Messina Clinic professionals is duly accredited by national and international institutions.

The clinic has the ideal conditions to serve the public with excellence, in a wide and diversified manner, and values the efficiency and confidentiality of care, providing comfort and respect to patients.