To be even closer to you, in times of social isolation,
we also offer assistance through "video consultation",
and with the same standard of care that you
are used to having with us.

Messina Clinic has an excellent clinical body made up of
doctors from different clinical and surgical specialties.
Here you will find doctors committed to the quality
and values of Messina, who work under all protocols
in line with international safety and regulatory standards.

Welcome to Messina Clinic

The Messina Clinic is a private medical centre, with Brazilian and Hispanic doctors.

Medical Treatment

The clinic has the perfect environment to serve the public with excellence, in a wide and diversified manner, and values the efficiency and confidentiality of care, providing comfort and maximum respect to all patients.


Our team is trained and focused on the mission of ensuring ‘health and well-being’ to patients.
Messina Clinic doctors are accredited by the General Medical Council – GMC.


We provide all laboratory tests i.e. blood, urine and faeces; but imaging exams such as Ultrasound, Electrocardiogram, MRI and X-ray are made with partnership clinics across London, through referral from Messina Clinic.

Renowned Doctors

The Messina Clinic professionals are duly accredited by national and international institutions, which value preventive and optimised care.


Our Services


Our Doctors

Dr Flavio Messina

Dr Flavio Messina

Medical Practitioner special interest in Vascular Surgery and Sport Medicine
Dr Edward Gonzalez

Dr Edward Gonzalez

Medical Practitioner special interest in General Medicine and Paediatrics
Dr Priscilla Sodré

Dr Priscilla Sodré

Medical Practitioner special interest in Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Mastology
Dr Gabriel Azzini

Dr Gabriel Azzini

Medical Practitioner special interest in Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine and Nutrition


Have a Question?

It is possible to book through the Messina Clinic’s website, Facebook page or by calling us at 020 7846 4434 / 020 7372 2497.
It will be necessary to make a pre-payment of £45, or full payment of the consultation at the time of the appointment, or within 48 hours of the date of the consultation. Payment can be made by card or bank transfer.

– For payments by card, it is necessary to inform us of the bank card details over the phone.
– For payments by bank transfer, it is necessary to send the receipt via WhatsApp at 07941984478.

The Messina’s Clinic Account details are Barclays Bank – Account: 33 00 33 96 – Sort Code: 20-71-64.

Bookings with pending payments status are canceled automatically by the system within 48 hours before the appointment date, without prior notice. If cancellation occurs, the patient must re-schedule to the next available date.

(*) For bookings on Saturdays, the rules are the same as mentioned above; however, the confirmation is made only by payment of the full amount in advance.

The Medical Practitioner attends to all medical specialties.

Pending payment schedules are canceled by the system 48 hours before the date of the consultation, without prior notice. So it is important to make the payment at the time of booking. If automatic cancellation occurs, the patient must reschedule the appointment for the next available date. However, there is no guarantee that the schedule will be for the same date, since the times are filled quickly.

Yes. But the refund can only be made if the cancellation occurs more than 24 hours in advance.
Non-attendance, without at least 24 hours’ notice, will not be refunded.

  • £ 95 (Medical Practitioner).
  • £ 125 (Gynaecology).
  • £ 125 (Orthopedist).
  • £ 125 (Nutrologist).
  • £ 45 (Follow-up) For all medical specialties.
    Follow-ups cost £45 and must be made within 15 days after consultation.

No. Follow-ups cost £45 and must be made within 15 days after consultation. After this period, a new consultation should be considered.

Yes. The clinic offers the walk-in service; however, the wait may take long as the priority will be for the patients who book in advance.

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